This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is…

…being able to exist anywhere, whether it’s in real life or in a videogame, and not be harassed because of your weight, either directly or indirectly.

…being able to look into the main chat channel in world of warcraft and not have your self esteem shot down by people who are saying “fat people are disgusting pigs” “fat women should kill themselves” and having no one do anything about it.

…being able to be a vegetarian and be taken seriously, and not have everyone assume that it’s a thing of weight loss.

…not having random people walk up to you can give you comments on your body or weight loss advice.

…being able to search for a place online where you can buy clothing without finding pages about how fat people should starve themselves and die.

…being able to have an argument with someone without them saying “you’re fat” or something else about your body as an argument.

…not being the butt of every fucking joke.

…not having anyone judge your lifestyle because of a number on a scale.

I’m sorry if this is a bit off topic but my day has been absolutely ruined and it’s in part because of thin privilege.

(blog author’s note: Great post. For the first point, cue the ‘just-eat-a-sandwich’ derailers)