This is Thin Privilege

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Thin Privilege examples

Being able to go ANY clothing store and not have to worry that they don’t carry you size as well as not be limited to the style, fabric, pattern, length (short skirts), level of exposure of parts that are made available to you without being stared at or shamed.

Going to public spaces and being able to fit into anything (chairs with arms, public transportation seats, hospital wheerchairs, amusement park rides, etc.)

Being able to go to the doctor without the assumption that your health issues exist because of your weight.  Also the ability to use equipment to monitor your health such as your arm fitting the circumference of blood pressure machines, scales than go up to 350 lbs., etc.

Being able to eat in public and around family members without someone shaming you or monitoring how much or how little you put on you plate or the kinds of food you eat.

Being able to enjoy fitness for the sake of fun without assuming that you are pursuing fitness because of weight loss goals.

Your body is the example of what people want to be, but not the example that people don’t want to be (“I want to be thin, but not fat).

Not having people question your level of confidence due to the size you are if you ARE confident.  

Just a few… more to come!

(submitted by crystalizedessence)