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You want to do…what?



Thin privilege is not being questioned whether you are fit to be a model.  It also means that you are the norm and will not be categorized as a “Plus Sized” model.

(submitted by softbonegrey)

If you wear plus sized clothing, you’ll model plus sized clothing. 

Point missed.

By your reasoning, since 14 is the average size of a woman in the States anything below a few sizes around 14 — say 8 and below — should be called ‘minus sized,’ and anything above say a 20 should be called ‘plus sized.’ Instead, size 8+ models are ‘plus sized,’ plus sized clothing lines start at 12/14/16 and up, and everything below that is just clothing without a modifier. 

The author’s point was that models (and clothing) above a certain size are ‘plus size’ and below a certain size are just models. It’s normalizing a thin body ideal and otherizing a larger (and note, not even that large) body.

That’s what thin privilege is: the vast majority of thin people get to be people, while the vast majority of fat people are fat people. Thin privilege is when thin is the default, and fat is deviant. 

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