This is Thin Privilege

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What's your opinion on men and women that fetishize obesity?

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1. Considering the wide range of what’s considered to be ‘obese,’ this is a pretty broad question. I’ll assume you mean a person who is considered to be fat in most communities.

2. What do you mean? People who are particularly attracted to fat bodies, or people who objectify love interests as nothing more than a fat body?

3. Assuming it’s the latter (since being attracted to fat bodies isn’t a fetish anymore than being attracted to thin bodies is a fetish), I’ll say this: people might be into being objectified as nothing more than their body, and if it’s all around self-aware consensual fun, people can do what they want with their sex lives (which is the same as doing what they want with their bodies). 

Asker responds: Well, I was just wondering because it seems to combine something you like (acceptance of fat people) but also something you don’t (objectification)

I’m not against consensual objectification, per se. There’s history and context and usually a boatload of male/beauty privilege and other privileges that typically go into objectification in a general sense, and I’m not ignoring that. But there’s a huge difference between finding objectification in a general sense problematic, as it both plays into and is symptomatic of oppression, and saying that April Flores shouldn’t make a fuckbucket of money from people who both can imagine themselves in an LTR with April and those who just like her jiggliness.

Further mod note: This isn’t to say that the politics of attraction aren’t incredibly complex, and I’m not going to pretend that body size attraction is ‘hard-wired’ in an evo-psych sense, or that there isn’t a mess of history and culture and socialization going on from a very young age about what bodies are supposed to be considered desirable.

Thin privilege is never having to worry that the thing you’re about to sit/stand/otherwise put your weight on will collapse beneath you.

Thin privilege is walking past the gym without wondering how many of the people on treadmills are looking out the window thinking “That’s why I’m exercising, so I don’t look like that”

Thin privilege is pumping your bike tires just to the recommended pressure and being able to ride on them easily.

Thin privilege is being able to simply go from point A to point B through an obstacle-filled room without plotting a course through which you might fit. This is also ability privilege.

Thin privilege is being able to take a break from walking to sit down for a moment with no social repercussions.

Thin privilege is having people be willing to slow down to accommodate your walking speed, if it’s slower than theirs, knowing that they did it out of courtesy instead of pity, and having them be less likely to express irritation at doing so.

Thin privilege is a lax dress code.

Thin privilege is never having your sweatiness attributed to anything other than heat or physical activity.

Thin privilege is being able to wear summer clothes that expose your stomach/back without fear of public ridicule.

Thin privilege is being able to find clothes in your size that expose your stomach/back intentionally.

Thin (also white, ability, and cisgender) privilege is never having to wonder if the reason someone is attracted to you is because of a fetish.

Thin privilege is never having a description of your body used as a stereotype-based characterization shorthand by lazy novel writers.

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