This is Thin Privilege

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Let me make it incredibly simple




Thin people, you don’t have to bring size into EVERY discussion. If a person does something wrong, and they are fat, you shut up about their size. In other words: respect fat people the same way you respect thin people.

A person’s worth is not inversely proportional to their body fat percentage.

Thin privilege is when people don’t use your body size as a shorthand for all of the bad descriptors ever. Think about that.


Not just truth. DAMN truth. ‘Cause you can never just be a bitch, you’re automatically a ‘fat bitch’. You’re never just a slut, you’re a ‘fat slut’. If you ever have an argument or a confrontation with anybody expect your body size to be their weapon of choice even if it has shit to do with the argument or confrontation, lol. I could be arguing about the colour of the sky or the price of bread or any shit you can think of and if it is thought by the other party that i am in any way wrong the default of these people is to throw out ‘okay but you’re fat so…’ obviously in a much more vulgar and silly way but still. It’s not relevant but they say it as if it is, lol. It confuses a person momentarily until you gather ‘oh look, another witty little ass hat’ and they want you to be like


but burn ‘cause you really just like



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