This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is…

…not worrying about what people will think when you wear short shorts and a tank top outside in the summer heat. 

I always receive glares whenever I come out of my room wearing short shorts or anything even remotely revealing, yet when my thin friend wears the same thing nobody thinks anything of it. She can run around in shorts that barely cover her ass, but whenever I wear the same thing I’m told to change because “some people might not appreciate that”.

Thin privilege is not being told that your clothing choices make other people uncomfortable even though it’s over a hundred degrees outside. 

Thin privilege is being able to say medical reasons are behind your weight and not be criticized.

I have a hypothyroid ( a slow, hardly working thyroid) and it makes it very difficult to loose weight. The entire summer I biked, worked out and ate near the starvation mode of calories. I gained weight. 

When I tell people it’s very difficult to lose weight due to my hypothyriodism people laugh and tell me to “stop making excuses.”

Meanwhile I see people with hyperthyroidism (a fast, very active thyroid that can cause you to loose weight) talk about it making them skinnier and they love it, and nobody minds or argues with them…

Apparently if you’re a bigger person it’s just because you’re fat. Yet if you’re thin, of course it can be because of a medical issue, and that’s A’OK. 

Thin privilege is when you can wear the ugliest, most obnoxious stuff and it’s called ‘fashion’ but when a non-thin person wears ANYTHING other than dull and dark colors and plain stuff the non-thin person will get nasty looks for it.

Thin privilege means that as a thin person, you can get away with wearing clothing that is either too big/loose or too small/tight and no one says anything, but when non-thin people do the same they get insults; small/tight clothes on non-thin bodies are ‘gross’ and ‘disgusting’ and big/loose clothes on non-thin bodies are ‘sloppy’ and ‘lazy’.

Thin privilege is two people wearing the same outfit the same way but the thinner person being thought to look better in it.