This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is when my psychiatrist cared more about the fact that my anti-depressants made me gain 15 pounds in three months than that it gave me massive migranes and made me feel extremely dizzy all the time. Then my Dad agreed with him. Because, you know, “It can…

Psychiatrists are actually the only type of doctor that has ever tried to pressure me into losing weight, which is interesting because they’re also the only type of doctors that knew nothing about my physical health besides my appearance. I had a psychiatrist try to prescribe me an anti-seizure medication for its weight loss side effect in the middle of a psych eval!

i just saw a new psychiatrist that called me obese in the first few minutes of my consultation. he was so concerned about weight gain as a potential side effect in any new medication he prescribed. he also seemed surprised that i am extremely healthy despite being fat. like can we fix my severe depression before we move on to my size??????? 


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    What the fuck?! That’s so twisted! 😡😡
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    He prefaced it with “you’re on the heavy side” while patting his stomach for effect and explicitly telling me he was...
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    A lot of anti-seizure medications double as anti-depressants, especially high powered ones.