This is Thin Privilege

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Thin Privilege in the Gaming Community


I’m a game developer, and a man of corpulent figure.

For years I was planning to work on a new game project. Unfortunately, due to problems of various nature, it has always been postponed to an uncertain date. It’s been years, but it seems people are still interested in my game.

How does all of this relate to thin privilege? I’ll tell you now.

While I do appreciate the patience of my fans, people tend to make fun of me because of my size, despite that being completely unrelated to the subject.

A small example: every now and then, I see fat-shaming jokes about how my game will be “worth the weight”. Get it? “weight” = “wait”… Because I’m fat! So hilarious, right?

Let’s say that those kind of jokes are becoming stale.

You’d think the same joke would become boring after hearing it… you know… the third time?

Sorry for the unprofessional rant, but I had to spit it out somewhere. Thank you for your solidarity.

Thin privilege is not having your body size brought up for mockery.


Latest post about gaming seems to be a troll trying to pass themselves off as Gabe Newell of Valve.
Mod response: Maybe. Trolls like to sock-puppet. -ATL


  1. elmnehmara said: Some of these trolls are so unimaginative.
  2. extraintrovert said: This is almost certainly in reference to the fat jokes directed at Gabe Newell of Valve. Which are awful, but I doubt he’s the one who submitted this.
  3. ipsey said: I suspect this is a troll -… The poster is clearly referring to Gabe Newell.