This is Thin Privilege

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Thin Privilege is bra shopping

Recently went out with a friend and her cousin, we all went to a bra shop my friend complained

”Urg 32GG is such a hard size to get! Haha, big boob problems”

So I said

”yeah I know how you feel about big boobs haha it’s almost impossible to get a 46C anywhere!”

Then her cousin spoke up

”Your boobs don’t count as big because they’re fat”.

I went silent, but holy damn. My boobs are suddenly not boobs at all just because I’m fat? C isn’t that small and 46 certainly isn’t either! I honestly felt super offended. While my friend complained that finding her size was like the hardest thing on earth ever (and we did find her size pretty easily!) I knew we wouldn’t get my size and I’d have to order online or get an extender.

Thin privilege is people don’t discountifying parts of your body simply because they are ”fat”


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