This is Thin Privilege

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In freshman year a group of my new friends and myself went to get some coffee. The girls were talking about their current relationships, and it turned out almost all of them were seeing someone. I didn’t even get to say anything,  when the only single girl automatically turned to me, rolled her eyes and said: ”Well, it looks like we’re the only ones single here, huh?”.

The thing is, I’ve been in a great relationship for six months then (and still am, three and a half years later), but she never had to ask or listen to me. I am obviously bitter and single, just because I look a certain way.


  1. auntienana said: That attitude has ALWAYS pissed me off! Yes I’m older and single but I also haven’t met anyone *I’ve* fallen in love with…I don’t see it the same way others assume it has happened. In any case, the whole judgement of fat women and the times I’ve been humiliated just bc…
  2. scarfy said: My response would have been: “Nope, sucks to be you!” well, maybe not but that’s my kneejerk reaction.