This is Thin Privilege

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Fiction: (from Mean Girls) Thin Privilege is shopping where you want

The post below is based on the movie “Mean Girls”

Thin privilege is being able to shop where you want, and not be mocked by the [thin] shop attendants in front of 3 of your best friends

It was a week before prom and I was doing the final try on for the most gorgeous dress. It was one I’d had my eye on for months - a beautiful peach silk dress with a stunning black belt. It perfectly suited my skin and my hair, and my friends agreed it was perfect.

Unfortunately a while back I broke up with my long term boyfriend. I was devastated, and gained a fair amount of weight as a result. I wasn’t thrilled, but I wasn’t starving myself, unhappy or putting my body through pain so I didn’t mind. I was happy with my body and this dress was absolutely sublime.

This meant that the dress didn’t fit me. I was mortified and totally put on the spot in front of my friends. When asked if there was a bigger size available, the shop attendant sneered at us and before she walked away told us to “try sears”. Excuse me? This was for prom, the biggest night this side of college and you don’t go to any effort to help me, and just palm me off to a lower class store because that’s all I deserve?

Thin privilege is being able to get flattering dresses in your size

Thin privilege is being treated with respect by shop assistants

Thin privilege is being able to shop anywhere and not relegated to “cheap” stores

I ended up starving myself to fit in the dress. It was awful and painful, and while it made me look like a rockstar, it was an awful, painful experience

Thank you to the troll for finding this story from the movie mean girls. Ya’ll are boring but we appreciate you giving us submissions that relate to real things people go through due to fat stigma. -FBP


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