This is Thin Privilege

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simple quistion

i got nothing against fat people, one of my best friends is fat.
But why would anyone defend being obese, i dont ever want to be fat i cant uderstand how much torture it most be to the body to be obese, all fat people i know want to stop being fat, but they also mention it can be hard to get out of, but they try and most succede. the only fat people who can have the right to defend being fat is people with glathenell (or whatever its called) problems,. how do you defend being fat? 

Mod response:

Wow. “one of my best friends is fat.” Seriously.

You very obviously do have something against fat people, you bigoted piece of shit, and I don’t need to defend my body to you or anybody. Neither does anybody else.

Fat people who want to stop being fat mostly want to stop because they are told by assholes like you that it is bad to be fat.

Fuck off.



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