This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is not having weight loss brochures left anonymously at your desk by your “friendly co-workers” when you go to lunch.

Thin privilege is when your friend tells everyone she works out so hard every day that she vomits and has passed out on multiple occasions, that instead of telling her she shouldn’t make herself ill, they tell her she “must be doing something right” and that “the pounds will start coming off” (she is still fat, ofc).

Thin privilege is insisting “skinny shaming” exists in a world where the “war on obesity” is everywhere, in a world where entire television shows and movies can pass without a single representation of anything but thin bodies.

Thin privilege is seeing “something for every body type!” advertisements and actually seeing your body type or size represented.

Thin privilege is when you know the uniforms you are REQUIRED TO WEAR will actually fit on your body.

I’ve also been discussing with a lot of fats lately this common theme of fantasizing about getting a life-threatening illness. I revealed that as a teenager, I hoped I would get cancer or fall into a coma because then I’d lose weight. Many other fats told me they had similar “fantasies.” How UTTERLY FUCKED is that? That we’d long for near-death just to be less fat?


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  5. igotpillstheyremultiplying said: Also shows how full of it the “for your health” claims are…
  6. shawnnarie said: As someone with a rare invisible illness I can say I have dreamed of getting cancer or some disease people know about so people would stop telling me I just needed to push harder or get over it. At least have less people tell me I’m faking it or that it is my fault.