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Re: First Law of Thermodynamics

Hell, even vehicles don’t conform to the first law of thermodynamics/energy-in-energy out.  Even accounting for differences in model and age, miles per gallon/fuel efficiency can and is affected by:

Condition of the road(s) travelled

Speed traveled at

Weather (cold weather, especially temperatures below freezing, reduce mpg)

Type of driving (idling long times and driving in stop-and-go traffic can all reduce mpg)

How the driver accelerates and brakes (doing quickly can reduce mpg)

How much weight is in/on the vehicle (more weight = lower mpg)

Running electronic items (such as A/C, radio, charging items, etc)

The condition of the tires (lesser tread and under- or over-inflation can affect mpg)

Maintenance/condition of the vehicle (a clogged air filter, for example, can reduce mpg)

Note the similarities to the human body, everyone.


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