This is Thin Privilege

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If you write in with any variant of “BUT THIN PEOPLE HAVE THAT PROBLEM TOO! WHAT ABOUT THE THIN PEOPLE!” you will automatically be treated like the troll you are. That means that you will either be ignored and blocked, or cussed at. If you don’t want to be cussed at, if you object to us being “sooooo ruuuuude” to you, THEN DO NOT WRITE TO US WITH THIS BULLSHIT.

If you think that “calories in < calories out = weight loss” is a necessary result of the laws of thermodynamics, then you understand nothing about thermodynamics, physics, chemistry, biology, or the entire basis of science and the scientific method. And we’ll treat you like the troll you are.

If you TELL US that you’re sure we’re going to assume you’re a troll BUT REALLY YOU’RE NOT, then yeah, actually, you are a fucking troll, because you’re still writing in with shit you know will piss people off and be disruptive, and you’re doing it on purpose. You’re also ignoring all the fucking time we’ve already addressed whatever the fuck your “legitimate question” is.



  1. lockelamora said: You’ve been told before, and I’ll tell you again. Your FAQ isn’t accessible via mobile.