This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is…

Being able to buy winter clothes that not only fit you, but keep you warm. I’m so tired of having to huddle in a blanket in 10-20 degree weather because I cannot find winter clothing big enough to cover my body that costs less than 100$. Do clothing designers not realize that larger people get cold too? Do they care? Or is this one of society’s many attempts to say EFF YOU and DIE to all the larger women (and men)?

My dentist asked me why I was wearing short sleeves the other day when it was close to freezing and I responded “Because I can’t find clothing in my size.” It was irritating to hear her say “OH! Me too!” (For the record, she was about 5’6” and slender). I nearly bit her finger, but I held myself back.

TL;DR: Thin privilege is being able to buy clothes that fit and keep you warm in the winter.


  1. resistinsistdesist said: Ain’t this the truth!! And I’d bet those less-expensive clothing designers are the ones who’d make blubber jokes in response. Ugh.