This is Thin Privilege

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I would just like you to be warned that I have reported you for violating the community standards. Specifically the standards that deal with self-harm and creating a space that promotes refusing medical intervention and continuing in harmful behavior. I have also reported you on the grounds of vicious speech, as many people come to this blog to politely ask questions have received vicious responses. Seeing friends be ravaged by ED I hope you take this as an opportunity to encourage treatment.

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You have absolutely no idea what behaviors our posters have. You ASSUME harmful behaviors, based on YOUR bigotry. Some of our readers do indeed have anorexia and bulimia, and we encourage them to seek help, but we know that often, medical professional disbelieve them and shame them for trying to get treatment. We know, because there are studies demonstrating it, that there is a huge amount of bias against fat people among medical professionals, and that biased medical professionals give fat people poor and inappropriate care. We encourage fat people to stand up for themselves to doctors and demand appropriate care. We encourage them to refuse treatment that does not address their problems, but only their fatness, and to reject weight loss as a cure because weight loss does not work long-term and many attempts at it are harmful.

We encourage our readers to stand up to bigots and fatphobes LIKE YOU, who pretend to worry about our health, but ignore the very real damage done by fat shaming, by inappropriate treatment, by weight loss attempts.

Self-harm? We favor self-care, whether that means getting healthy (genuinely healthy, for the individual, and not thin) or not, as an individual chooses, because we know that an individual’s health is not the business of others. We encourage people to make their own decisions about their bodies, to take back their autonomy from a society that tells them that their bodies are public property.

You reported us because you hate fat people, and cannot stand anyone telling fat people that they’re ok as they are. You will not look at the mountain of evidence and studies we have posted who actively refutes your idea that fat is automatically healthy, and you continue to declare yourself the proper judge of others’ health, about which you know nothing, and which you have no right at all to judge.

Good to know who you are, I suppose.


Just sent them a note to ask them to explain how they can be chronically ill and advocate total mindless subservience to doctors?! I’ll tell you right now, none of them would have survived their challenges in that mode and I’m sure they know this. 

It’s like a person who’s been in and out of psychiatric hospitals over a long period advising others to submit to toxic quack treatments they know nothing about. Whilst they fight and stand up for their rights and refuse treatment as they see fit.

NB. This is just another way of telling fat people to submit to abuse. Crediting themselves with knowledge about us and crediting us with no knowledge of ourselves as usual. Even though we are told constantly, we are unwell. We apparently don’t know anything about it. Proving yet again these liars know we aren’t ill, but they want us to pretend we are and just submit to any harm.

Not only are they spiteful and ignorant, they are dishonest and hypocritical. Mis-using the greater status accorded them.

Well, what they and others with louder voices who are trying this line ought to know is that if they shut parts of FA down. They’ll leave people with some time on their hands to comb through their blogs, rigourously applying their own standards to their outpourings. I hope they consider the opportunity to either get a clue or move the hell on.

Don’t be bullied by these people.

I agree with the above, and I will be drafting a FAQ to address this latest attempt to silence our and our followers’ voices.

Detractors: if you have solid arguments against us, you’re free to present them on your own space, and to garner your own following. But besides people invested in the greater status accorded to them by virtue of their body size, and some cackling hens more interested in impersonating fat people and making jokes out of fat peoples’ lives, you don’t have much of a following, do you? 

TITP scares you not because you actually believe it’s “dangerous” in the general sense, but because you recognize it poses a danger to the way your view your world, and the worth you accord to yourself. If the things we and our followers say on TITP have any credence, that would threaten the value you’ve place on looking a certain way; it would threaten your ability to automatically feel superior to an entire group of people; it would expose that all the “hard work” you’ve done to garner or maintain a privilege depends on the great, daily, and continued harm to fat people.

You need fat people to suffer, or else your thin privilege wouldn’t get you any rewards.

You need fat people to hate themselves. You need them to receive poor medical care and thus be bullied into believing they don’t deserve the same level of care as you do. You need them to earn less. You need them to be invisible in the media. You need fat people to be tortured thin on national television. All of this grants worth to being thin, grants automatic social status to thin people for their bodies — not their characters, not anything they’ve created, just a shell that’s conforming to a privileged “look.” 

Why do so many trolls seek out TITP to attack? We certainly don’t go wading into their waters in 4chan, reddit, or the other places they’ve gathered to cackle and huff over our existence. It’s because we dare to  say that the hollow qualities they pride themselves on aren’t meaningful. Because we dare to say that their privilege actively hurts a lot of people — that their privilege can’t exist without oppression

I don’t think that many of the people who troll us are bad, fundamentally. But I think you’ve rationalized your fear and hatred as being a good thing for the people you hate. I think TITP bothers you because we’re exposing your fear and hatred as the purely destructive force that it is. That doctors who are disgusted by their patients don’t care for them as well. That parents who are disgusted by their fat children don’t treat them as well. That employers who are disgusted by their fat employees don’t give them the best opportunities. That a nation who is disgusted with its fat citizens passes laws to discriminate against them.

What scares you the most, though — because it undermines your sense of unearned worth — is that TITP claims that fat people deserve good medical care; that fat children deserved to be loved as much as thin children; that fat employees are just as able and hard working as thin employees; that fat citizens contribute just as much as thin citizens.

TITP doesn’t promote self-harm. It promotes self-love. The culture of fat discrimination promotes active, continual, and sometimes mortal harm to fat people. This is the culture supported by TITP’s detractors. A culture they profit from. A culture that gives them rewards that they wouldn’t get in a society that treated fat people well. 



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