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Submit Positive Stories to This is Thin Privilege

With the messages we have been getting about TITP being reported to tumblr abuse and people trying to shut our blog down, I want to ask readers to tell us how we have positively impacted your life. Submissions don’t have to be long but I want to use these submissions to document how fat positive space, where discussions about weight based stigma give fat people the ability to discuss the systemic and institutional discrimination they face.

Don’t let people devalue the fat positive communities that have been build on social media and silence us. When submitting use the tag “thank you” so that all of these submissions get put into one location.

Please submit here.

Thank you,



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    If everyone who enjoys TITP would please submit a positive story, that would be lovely!
  3. honestlynina said: It would suck if that happens, I hope an independent website outside of tumblr would be a possibility.
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