This is Thin Privilege

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[tw: weight loss, weight loss surgery, surgery, ableism(?)]

Let me get this straight: surgeons can’t operate on fat people because of the “excess” of fat and “complicated anatomy” but operate on “excessive/complicated” others all the time. Bodybuilders? Lots of muscle. People with growth hormone problems? Lots of bone. Facial and bodily deformities like cleft palates? Anatomy isn’t considered “normal.” People with anesthesia concerns? They find a way to work around it. Surgeons have continuously expanded their learning and be up-to-date with technology and anatomical knowledge.

Yet they refuse to take fat cadavers in schools? They refuse to let students in residency work with fat people? They continuously force people to kill themselves to fit into narrow-minded standards?

Typical surgeon: they’re job is to extricate, excise, cut away, remove, shear, hack, mince, cleave, diminish in so many capacities. When they do add (i.e. gastric bypass with lapbands) it’s your fault you don’t conform to the society’s fucked-up standards and they’re trying to change you for your own good.

Of course a surgeon couldn’t operate properly on someone so whole, so together, so fulfilled, so rounded, so…FAT. Because fat bodies are perfect, inclusive, fulfilled, WHOLE bodies; their very physicality defies a surgeon’s purpose.

Doctors: we will be here. We will be heard. We will not dissolve into the shadows to make you more comfortable. We will continue to be three dimensional in all aspects of life.

Deal with it.


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