This is Thin Privilege

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so i believe in health at every size but i was wondering what you think about people who are limited in mobility because of their size? like, obviously you’re not in prime health if you can’t preform basic function and weigh 700 pounds.

Mod response:

I think you’re asking us to justify your bigotry.

Other people’s bodies are none of your business. Other people’s health is none of your business.



  1. honestlynina said: One of my favourite things is being told to lose weight, considering I’m confined to bedrest from my illness. I’ll get right on that, thanks stranger!
  2. shingworks said: None of my business, of course, but if my friend was suicidally depressed I would try to help them if I could. Same if I knew a friend was so heavy that they were hastening their own death. It’s not out of bigotry, sometimes, it’s love.
  3. alanaisreading said: It’s also really ableist to assume that their weight is causing their lack of mobility rather than the other way around.