This is Thin Privilege

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My whole life could’ve been very different

After reading your blog several times I began to notice my own thin privilege and it’s really rather startling to think that the things I experience are unique to my own body type and not something every girl goes through. 

Thin Privilege is the store you work at carrying only up to a size 10 or a large in women’s and knowing that when you stock the floor, the very few amounts of 10 and larges go at the bottom of the pile or in the back of the rack. Literally we’ll get 10 of one style in and only actually carry 1 large. (However in mens we carry up to a XXL) While smalls and extra smalls we get at least 3 or 4 in. 

Thin Privilege is people assuming that you’re disciplined and athletic when you have never been to a gym a day in your life.

Thin privilege is getting any job you want in the fashion industry because obviously you’re fashionable if you’re a size 0 and pretty. 

Thin privilege is ordering your coffees with half and half and extra whip with no one saying or thinking a thing. 

Thin privilege is feeling confident no matter what you’re wearing because your body type suggests that youre indefinitely good looking. 

Thin privilege is hoping to god its a face to face interview because then you know you’ll be set. 

Thin privilege is having people make flattering comments behind your back or as you pass. 

Thin privilege is being able to go into any store any where and find something that fits you and chances are it will look GREAT on you because it was designed specifically for your body.

Thin privilege is that public spaces tend to be a bit roomy for you.

Thin privilege is getting out of speeding tickets because of how you look even if you were going 20 over and texting.

Thin privilege is having to fire a girl because the boss thinks shes gained to much weight and we only employ thin, pretty girls. 

Thin privilege is growing up never ONCE thinking about your weight until you were 21. We never even had scales in our house.

Thin privilege is being able to throughly enjoy food without ever having any issues with it. 

Thin privilege is being offered jobs at retail stores just by walking in.

Thin privilege is the feeling of making your boyfriends friends jealous. 

Thin privilege is guys feeling like you’re unattainable.

Thin privilege is rarely feeling insecure and thus having great mental health because everywhere you look the world reassures you that you’re beautiful, healthy, and ideal.

Thin privilege is hearing the really awful ways people talk about fat people when they’re not around and never thinking anything about it until stumbling upon this blog.

Thin privilege is going through life never realizing the stark contrast it is for others.

It is completely and utterly mind blowing to imagine a life where other people can dismiss you or think negatively of you without ever knowing you, let alone the way certain people despise fat individuals. I have always thought being a pretty woman gave me an advantage over men but i’ve never considered that society could never consider a fat woman pretty.