This is Thin Privilege

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There’s a new study that came out, saying that fat and healthy is a myth, I won’t post the link to it because I will not give it attention on this site, but if anyone is interested just google it, if not I don’t blame you. Not a shocker that people are posting it and attracting to it like flies. And, as usual, the one about healthy obese people with healthy fat cells purposely went ignored as many of the pro-healthy fat people studies. It’s fuel for anti-fat people to reassure their bigotry and fatphobia, so they can continue to feel comfortable in their fatphobic spaces. I’m just dumbfounded at how they can release two articles so night and day about obese people?

I may be reaching a little, but I find it interesting it’s coming around the time the “Fit mom” backlash incident took place where she was banned from facebook for fat shaming. Another incident happened with a similar back drop. And also with Amber Riley winning dancing with the stars, and saying how it didn’t matter the size of someone you can do anything, and so many people supporting and voting for her, it seems like fat acceptance and size acceptance was to be on the upswing in mainstream media spaces. It may be a small step but at least people were “getting it”.

But oh no, see they can’t have us fatties all confident and gaining support. How dare we actually exist in our confident shells, who the heck told us to be all confident, and happy in the bodies we have? Damn it do we not know how much of an eye sore we are to the fatphobics? We’re so selfish for not making them feel good about their fatphobia and submitting to their fatphobic needs. Oh the horror…**faints** But…but…but we need their dude bro healthism approval, after all it’s about our health not their bigotry, intolerance, superficialness, and fatphoba, right?

I’m so tired of the anti-fat bias in medicine and science, as if it doesn’t exist enough on it’s own socially. All it needs to do is be signed, sealed, and stamped by science or medicine and it’s gold.  I’ve seen this pan out many times:

Person A- “See it says here from this recently documented study that fat is unhealthy”.

Majority- Yeah, so true, told ya fatties being fat is gross and unhealthy, now go lose weight for us, fatties.

Person B- But there is a recently documented study that also shows being fat and healthy has also been supported by a wide range of experiments and studies making it perfectly logical and accurate.

Majority- **Pauses for a second** Bullshit.

Person B- But it’s coming from the same source actually.

Majorty- Bullshit I don’t believe it.

Person B- But you all believed the other one.

Majority- Well that’s because fat “IS” unhealthy and it said so in the study.

Person B- **sigh**

It’s absurd how we can propose a war on other existing human beings right here in our own country. It’s depressing.