This is Thin Privilege

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Thin Privilege is not being medicalized at every turn

Thin privilege isn’t having the press-released propaganda for new anti-obesity articles sent to you in order to argue that

  • you somehow don’t deserve to be treated like other people,
  • discriminating against you and trying to eliminate you is okay,
  • other characteristic-based groups don’t have increased risk of certain health problems (pale-skinned people experience a greater risk of melanoma, for instance, and males and females experience varied risks for certain diseases, as do tall people, etc)

Thin privilege (and able-bodied privilege) isn’t having your very existence medicalized*, even though every body is individual and everyone has different risks based on membership in various overlapping groups, and very often has no control over their membership in these groups (or the switch out of the group is worse than shouldering the risks of membership).

Thin privilege (and able-bodied privileged) is not having rights arguments depend on the state of your body. 

Thin privilege isn’t having entire fields of medical specialization and industries profit off the declaration that your body is a disease that needs to be cured at all cost. 

Thin privilege isn’t seeing any similarity between the medicalization of fatness and previous moral panics in (recent!) history over the health status of people in other marginalized groups.

Thin privilege isn’t being the center of a anti-you propaganda storm, where any and all statistical evidence that you need to be annihilated is trumpeted from every news outlet, but the greater body of evidence that suggests your health is just as complicated and individual as anyone else’s, and that your body deserves care and comprehension instead of change and annihilation, is ignored.


*I do recognize that very thin people are sometimes mistaken for having a restrictive eating disorder when they don’t, and that’s wrong.


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