This is Thin Privilege

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And there are seriously people on here who say thin privilege isn’t a thing?

This has nothing to do with thin privilege and everything to do with science. They didn’t make the pill do this on purpose. It’s not about fat shaming. It’s not because being over 176 lbs is “unhealthy”. It’s because the more adipose tissue a person has, the less effective BC will be because fat interferes with how the hormones are absorbed, distributed and carried in the body. This is also the case for regular BC. Please research more about this before freaking out. The only criticism that is valid is that they should be releasing more of this information as soon as it becomes available and putting warnings on the american packaging as well. 

*More info: Not only does fat and adipose tissue affect BC, but “the metabolism and volume of medication in the bloodstream” as well. It is unknown if higher dosages will enable the drug to work. -Diana Blithe, BC researcher

This seems like a good place to leave this:

Ella works for anyone with a BMI UP TO a 35, and can be ordered with a prescription from a nurse or doctor, or an online consultation with a doctor on their website, provided above. 

You do have to be over 18, and DO need a credit card to order online, if the doctor/LPN visit isn’t right for you. 

This is an example of how we need to do longitudinal testing for fat people with medication. This is a prevalent thing.

People are STILL super confused about what thin privilege is if you think this isn’t an example of it. Just because it’s “science” doesn’t make it any less an example, particularly when they are only coming out with this information now clearly showing that they didn’t do considerable testing on people with higher body weights to see how it worked with them in the first place.

Having a product made without your body type even considered is thin privilege. Stop trying to claim “science” changes that fact. Just because fat bodies need more of a specific drug for it to work properly doesn’t excuse them from not even considering fat people may have to take more or have a different amount prescribed to them. They are able to do this shit with dogs at the vet, yet cannot even acknowledge that PEOPLE come in different sizes and may need a different dosage.

Privilege isn’t something that is always done consciously but when thin people are treated as the “norm” when creating drugs and fat people are not even considered worthy of having a correct dosage that is thin privilege.


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    It’s not thin privilege.It’s called informing people. Science and medicine are not trying to discriminate against you.
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    That actually really sucks… Imagine what a surprize you’d get, if it didn’t work for you
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    Every once in awhile I get a clump of reblogs on this. I’m not saying science is discriminatory, I’m not an idiot. I’m...
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