This is Thin Privilege

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TW death

I was told that a woman I barely knew died from complications from weight loss surgery.  I don’t know all the details but she had a gastric sleeve and developed scar tissue.  She died at the age of 39 leaving behind two young children, one with special needs.  She had the surgery to “improve her health” so that she could be with her family for years to come.  Of course that is the bill of goods she was sold.  

She didn’t know what she was getting into.  I think if she was given full disclosure of the down sides of the surgery including death and life long stomach problems, she would not have opted for the surgery.  She was encouraged to have it for her heath and it was supposed to be good for her.  Doctors and those in the WLS industry do not give full and fair disclosure.  They use false stats, bad science and are really selling hope of thinness.  They sell to a population that has been told by society, strangers, friends and family that they are not good enough, that if they don’t make a drastic change they will die.  It is all so awful but there is a solution….WLS of course.

If the world had accepted her as she was, or just left her alone, she would still be here today and her kids would not be without a mother.  It is very scary when a doctor advises that  you will not live to see your grandchildren due to your poor health/obesity.  Well now that will never happen thanks to WLS.  I have to stop, I am crying again.  The only word that I can use for this is tragedy.  It is a tragedy for many, many people.


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