This is Thin Privilege

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FAT IS NOT HEALTHY. Youre telling people not to lose weight when doctors, who went to school for 10+ years and know what their doing, tell you to. Fat shaming is horrible but youre skinny shaming now. This kind of shame gave me an eating disorder

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How is myth-busting the overblown risk factors, ‘obesity epidemic’ propaganda and its government-corporate supporters, $66 billion/yr diet industry messages, and specious causality of certain diseases and weight “skinny shaming”? 

How is it “skinny shaming” to point out that fat discrimination necessarily promotes an environment holding up thin bodies as the ideal, and that fat people live in a world inundated with messages about how they’re less-than, broken, or worse because they’re not thin?

I get that having an eating disorder is tough (I remember it well), and there are a lot of external factors that exacerbate it. But what you’re doing here is rank projection of your issues onto this blog. And ignoring how damaging fat discrimination is — or how prevalent thin privilege is — isn’t going to help you or anyone else suffering from an eating disorder.



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  2. thirdeyebooksandherbs said: Oh my, I really hope that you get help soon, Bluebays. No one should feel like that about themselves, no matter what. If you need anyone to talk to, please let me know.
  3. hellokitsune said: Holy fuck, the tumblr of the person who sent this in is horrific. I hope they get help soon.
  4. skyrimjob said: lol at a proana blog trying to lecture you about health.
  5. exploringbus said: Saying fat is not healthy is like saying: normal is not healthy- skinny is not healthy; you really don’t know as it varies by person. This user is contributing to people furthering their eating disorders with this type of rubbish logic.