This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is not having your choice in beauty routine called a distraction from your body

When I was eight years old my parents took me and my brothers to Miami to visit family. While we were there we stopped at a local flea market (their are some huge ones there) and I saw what I thought was the most beautiful women in the world, like ever. She was this really beautiful Latina woman, in that very stereotypical way (and I don’t mean that as a negative at all). She had big curves (although not quite overweight) big hair and a tiny dress. She also had these really amazing acrylic nails that had all sorts of designs on them. I knew that at that moment, I wanted to be just like her.  Mostly, I just wanted her nails.

Since then I have been really into nail art. I love adding in little designs, rihnstones, cool shapes, unique painting techniques. I have taught friends, done my friends nails for special events, and I always make sure that mine are in tip top shape. A few weeks ago I got really creative and figured out a way to incorporate all these really cool tiny beads and pearls. Eager to show them off, my friend and I decided to go out one night to a bar.

While we were there, quite a few people noticed, including one not so friendly guy at the bar. I was showing off my nails to the bartender who was a apparently too distracted by me to get this guys order.  He apparently gets too annoyed and says to me “Listen, the amount of crap you glue to your nails is not going to cover up the amount of crap glued to your ass” He then proceeds to cut in between my friend and I and rudely demand a drink from the bartender.

My intention was never to cover up my fat. I just knew that having nice nails was something that everyone could do, no matter their size.

I can’t buy the same trendy clothes, jewelry (rings and bracelets never fit) or shoes as everyone else, this was the one thing I did that genuinely made me feel cool and fashionable, they only thing that made me feel good and happy about myself.

I haven’t done my nails since :(


  1. kingjoffreylannister said: FUCK THAT GUY! Seriously! He is an absolute piece of shit and doesn’t deserve a moment in your thoughts! Don’t let an ignorant bigoted rude bitter person like him ruin your passion for nail art. Rock those nails girl! Nails are friggen awesome !
  2. kittykillall said: Please don’t give up doing your nails! Don’t take what this jack ass said to heart please! I’m literally on the verge of tears here. Don’t give up!
  3. wicked-witchy said: Honey, keep doing your nails. Don’t let a drunk bastard ever make you doubt yourself. Or a sober bastard at that. If it makes YOU feel good and isn’t hurting anyone else… Do it.
  4. prolixmelbournefemmo said: Do your nails girl! Fuck that asshole!
  5. jaquebsz said: Dont listen to this piece of crap!!!! You ARE AWESOME!!! I wish I would be this much talented as you! YOU rock lady. Keep nail artin the fuck out from this world
  6. leahlovescatsandbacon said: Ugh, what a dick. I hope he wakes up choking on a bag of cheesy ol’ man toenails. Do your nails again and be fabulous. He’s just a sour ol’ lush.
  7. creamysquidsoup said: Ugh! People make me sick. I wish you would have crammed a handful of bar peanuts down his throat.
  8. smashleybrookehogan said: Baby, don’t let some fuckface take that away from you. I’m sure your nails were/are fucking gorgeous.
  9. rozmaringanne said: No girl, you do your nails into spikes and scratch the eyes out of anyone else who dares make you feel bad for being far more fabulous than they are!!!!
  10. 3weeksahabit said: No, girl, no!!!!! Do your nails now…seriously fuck him! Don’t let him take what you love from you:)
  11. hellokitsune said: Fuck that guy, I hope his cuticles rot.
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  13. gravelinglikeme said: Oh honey, do your nails, when you feel up to it, and just know that we’re all here supporting you and sending you love.
  14. holycheeseandcrackers said: Nooooo!!! DO YOUR AWSOME NAILS don’t listen to that dick!!!!
  15. aokaji said: Fuck that guy. It sounds like you’re really talented, when you get your confidence back you should consider a nail art blog I’m sure lots of us would be interested! Xx
  16. mochte said: You rock, sweetness. Keep having awesome badass nails.