This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is having a good doctor visit

TW: doctors, mention of weight loss

I recently changed doctors after I decided I’d had enough of my fat shaming doctor who constantly told me to loose weight or I will die. I have some medical conditions that need frequent monitoring, so I did not want to go without a doctor but could not face going back to him. A friend recommended her own doctor to me, who she said was very good and did not judge. I decided to try her out, but with much apprehension since another friend had actually recommended my previous doctor.

On my first visit, I was so nervous in the waiting room, wondering how it would go, imagining her sneering at my body type, rolling her eyes at my blood pressure, etc. When my name was called, my heart started beating quickly, but I went on, trying to stay hopeful. I was so pleasantly surprised when she smiled and said hello to me. She shook my hand like I was a real person. But then she asked me to step on the scale and my heart sank. I took a deep breath and told her I prefer not to be weight. She looked puzzled and replied that because I am on medication she would need to know my weight for her to give me prescriptions as a new patient.  I hesitated. She continued by saying she knows it can be hard to face but it’s important for her to know my weight because that way she can track any changes, up or down, which could indicate a problem. She said I could turn around and not see the number if I liked. And you know what? I did it. I got on the scale and did not look at the number. She thanked me and we continued on to have a great visit.

I took a risk with trying a new doctor and luckily it worked out for me, but the anxiety i felt before and during the visit is something thin people don’t have to face.

Thin privilege is not having to be surprised by having a good doctor visit.


  1. legalloser said: Congrats on getting the courage to try out a new doctor! Anyone who has a fat shaming doctor needs to seek out someone new and better (and if your old doctor didn’t give you the quality of care that they would have given a thin person, report them!)