This is Thin Privilege

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Fat phobia at work, middle school teacher-style:

[tw: abuse, healthism, ableism, stoopidness]

Fat phobia at work, middle school teacher-style:

-Having people assume you binge all the time even though they hardly ever see you eat in the first place since you’re usually too stressed out to do so.

-Having people stare in shock on the only two occasions where you actually munch on cookies or chocolate because these are the only things you can swallow without puking from the stress. Also, having people react as if you were trying to contaminate them with AIDS when you propose food to them out of politeness. These people work with teenagers.

-Having a fourteen-year-old girl look excitedly at the calorie count on your zero Coke bottle (I’m not on a diet, I’m addicted to this shit)… poor kid.

-Being nicknamed “Free Willy” by pupils yet being told they’re “nice kids.”

-Being told off by one PE teacher because you were asking for the elevator key (to carry about thirty pounds of books and photocopies to the fourth floor). Being told she’s superior for exercising and being healthy, assuming that you aren’t. (She’s actually fat too, but I guess she thinks it doesn’t count because it’s baby weight?)

-Having people assume you’re unfit even though, let me reiterate, they see you carry 20-30 pounds of stuff all over the place.

-Having another PE teacher (what’s up with PE teachers?) brag about being able to walk the ten-minute distance that separate the school from the subway station, once again assuming you can’t. It’s great studying PE for five years at uni enabled her to walk for ten minutes, sarcasm sarcasm. (Also, she openly hates unfit pupils, those who don’t like running, etc..)

-When you’re with said PE teacher and another skinny staff member and the latter starts feeling ill (possibly as a result of an eating disorder, by the way), seeing the PE teacher help her and knowing deep in your heart she would probably humiliate you instead if the same happened to you. Wondering why the staff member was assumed to be in great health and shape even though she suffers from fainting and spells of dizziness. Still listening to her tell you she wishes she had the time to hit the gym, all the while probing to know if you work out.

-Hearing from colleagues the racialized fat boy who’s been bullied for years “is really just looking for it,” “has a victim mentality” and “has a face you just want to punch.”

-Wondering about whether the comments about your clothes being inappropriate (even though there are so many styles among the teachers) aren’t actually about how fat people supposedly shouldn’t wear bright colours.

-Being genuinely surprised the doctor declared you fit to work without any problem and didn’t comment on your BMI, and the nurse respected your wish not to know your weight. (So all hope isn’t lost I guess)


And I could talk much more about the hazing, the intense ageism against young teachers, the heterosexist pressures to conform, the random insults…


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