This is Thin Privilege

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tw: fat hate 

Earlier this year I had gone to visit my Granddad overseas and I got sick- coughing, sneezing, sore throat and vomiting. Due to that, I had to go to his Doctor to get a prescription for medicine. 

I walked into her office while my Granddad waited outside and the first remark she made was ‘oh you’re very overweight aren’t you?’ 

I was stunned, I froze in my spot, too shocked to be upset. I’m not a very socially confident person so I said nothing, I just stared at the ground, hoping that she wouldn’t make any other comments about my weight. But she did. 

While she was examining me she said: 

"Is there a lot of obesity in Australia? When my own daughter went to visit she was horrified at the amount of obesity there!"

"Do you eat a lot of meat?" (I’m a vegetarian!)   

"Do you have an obese parent?" 

"Do you go to the gym?" 

"You should perhaps go to the gym." 

"You’ll be less sick if you exercise everyday." 


I wanted to cry. I knew I was going to cry. I wished I had enough courage to snap at her and walk out but I simply didn’t. 

When I left the clinic and told the story to my Granddad, his response was, “It’s your own fault for being fat, she’s a good doctor.” 

I cried my eyes out for hours after that. 

Thin privilege is not having to go through this^ ordeal with your doctor and family. 


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