This is Thin Privilege

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I don't only believe fat people should have to be healthier to take pressure off of the NHS - I think everyone should, including underweight people. And when we get a government who doesn't seem intent on destroying it, then go ahead and be as unhealthy as you like. And 'ableist'? I'm autistic. I thought disabled people couldn't be ableist? Mind you, I guess I can't really empathize with people who have physical disabilities, so I might have to give you that one.

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Well, doesn’t your autism cost the system money? Then shouldn’t you just stop being autistic, so you wouldn’t cost it more than anyone else? But what I was referring to is the way in which many disabilities are or are connected to chronic illnesses, or their disabilities prevent them from achieving some vague, nebulous concept of health, and you just want them to get healthy because you think maybe it’ll save you some money. That’s ableist. Yes, people with one type of disability can be ableist against people with other types.

BUT YOU DON’T HAVE THE SLIGHTEST FUCKING CLUE WHETHER OR NOT SOMEONE IS HEALTHY BASED SOLELY ON THEIR WEIGHT, YOU ASSHOLE. And you don’t have the right to demand that ANYONE meet your petty little standard of health.



  1. kaikamahin-e said: You can’t help it if you’re autistic though. It’s something you’re born with and not your fault at all. Being overweight, however, is a different matter since you can actually do something about it. And no, don’t go blaming your thyroids.
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  4. hellokitsune said: OP, do some research into how NHS funding works and how the health service is being dismantled; your ignorance is making me feel embarrassed to be British here.