This is Thin Privilege

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So now you're classifying "small fats" in the same group as thin people? I wake up every morning to the hatred of my body by society and face fat oppression every single day. Sorry that my size 18 ass is too thin to be oppressed. ):

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Didn’t pay attention to the FAQ, did you?

Fat oppression, like many kinds of oppression, exists along a spectrum. Small fats have more privilege than superfats. Someone who wears size 18 clothes has more privilege than someone who wears size 26.

You know how much shit you have to put up with at a size 18. Imagine how much more shit you’d have to deal with if you absolutely could not shop in any brick and mortar store you could get to by car? If you had to order everything you wear online? If none of it was “suitable work attire”? I have friends — ones who live in large West Coast cities — for whom all of that is true.

When the average women’s size in the country is a 14, and a “plus size” line marketed under the name of one of the more famous “fat” (used advisedly; fat for an actress is not the same as fat for anybody else) actress starts at a size smaller than the average, and only goes up to two size larger than average, can you not see how bigger fats might be upset?

You’re not too thin to be oppressed. But you have a lot more privilege than people much fatter than you.


please, fellow small fats, pay attention to this.

I wish this was just about fashion but it’s not. Deathfats are denied medical treatment, medically maltreated and misdiagnosed. Deathfats are denied flights, and demonised when flying. Deathfats are seen as the ultimate in laziness, and are turned down for jobs that they are more than qualified for. Deathfats are denied adoption rights and IVF treatment in many countries. Deathfats can be denied citizenship in many countries, and sometimes visas too. Can we talk about this stuff too? I mean, but fatshion! Cool! You’re killing me here.

Denied visas? That half of sentence may have just ruined my entire life. 


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    Sadly, all true. Practically no one in this culture escapes some form of body hatred, and all fat people are...
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