This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is not having your weight mocked by little kids because they’ve been systematically brought up to think that being fat is bad.

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher when I was older (specifically to teach Women’s Studies) so last week I volunteered as a student teacher for a kindergarten class. On my very first day, the kids looked at me and went quiet. One boy in particular decided to shout, “LOOK, SHE’S AS BIG AS A DINOSAUR!” and the rest of the class started laughing. I tried to ignore it at first, but for a while afterwards the kids kept chanting silly stuff such as, “Open the door! Get on the floor! Do the dinosaur!” I couldn’t take it anymore and excused myself to the bathroom before the kids could see me crying.

It’s really sad to think that these kids, who aren’t even old enough to understand how weight and body fat work, have been taught by society as such an early age that it’s okay to laugh and joke about fat people.


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  2. the-socially-inept said: Parroting their parents or peers. Children often don’t realise they’re being offensive or inappropriate and don’t think they hurt adults feelings too. I find them less stressful than teens though, because they’re not as underhanded and can be educated.
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  4. summerotaku said: Part of why I quit the teaching major at college. I only had a year left…was in student teaching but the kids bullying (not even me) made me feel like I was a kid again being bullied.