This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is not having people pay to not have to see you.

[TW] Fatphobia, fat hate, discrimination

Today I was looking at some stuff online and came across this link:

Apparently OK cupid has launched a new service that allows people to choose not to display any matches that might be fat.

I am absolutely disgusted. It seems fat hate is so rampant that people will pay money just not to have to see our disgusting and vile bodies online.

I guess it’s such a huge burden to have to see a fat person, so much that people are willing to pay money for a normally free service just so they won’t have to see them.

Because who cares if someone’s a 99% match and perfect for them in every way, just because that match is fat they’ll ignore all of the good things and high compatibility.

People need to understand that different people have different body types. Some people are thin and some are fat. But because society keeps bombarding people with messages about how thin people are attractive and fat people are gross from a young age, they end up thinking that’s what they really find attractive and exclude all fat people even if they’re awesome, have great personalities and have a lot in common. Because obviously if someone’s fat that means they’re lazy and unhealthy and not someone they’d want in their life.

Thin privilege is having people want to date people of your body type. Thin privilege is having people seek you out instead of paying so they don’t have their day ruined because they saw your face. Thin privilege is having people happy when you come up as a potential match instead of feeling disgusted and upset because a dating site dared match them up with a “disgusting fat person”.


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    Why the fuck did I read the comments. Like the first fucking three all ran along the lines of “So what I don’t like fat...
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  6. aokaji said: I think this is being dramatized a bit. Yes some of the comments are horrid but if they hate fat people then you won’t want to date them anyway? Plus it should be mentioned you can filter any size, height or race too so this isn’t about fat people.
  7. layna-lane said: I don’t why people even use this toxic site in the first place. It’s filled with crazy and hatred. I don’t care if it’s free, it’s not worth it.
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  9. kittykillall said: It’s not just that but like everyone wants to date thin people, even the people actually attracted to fats cus they’re afraid of how they’ll be perceived based on their dates appearance. It’s fucked up.
  10. girl-non-grata said: That site is the worst.