This is Thin Privilege

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Thin Privilege is knowing that you aren’t a joke.




Throughout elementary school, middle school, even high school. Even when we practiced our graduation walk…

I was made out as a joke, when groups of guys would walk by and one would say, “Hey, my friend wants to go out with you!” or “My friend thinks your hot.” 

And to only make it worse, that guys friend would say something like, “Ew, fuck no!” or “Fuck you man!”

I was a joke, because a stranger thought it would be funny, a stranger assumed that I was undateable, or unloveable. A stranger decided that it would be funny to tell a fat girl, of whom was unloveable or undateable that his friend would love to date me, because he knew he wouldn’t. And that stranger’s friend found it appropriate to rudely (and sometimes loudly) say, “Fuck you man!” or “Ew, fuck no!” 

Because I am fat. Strangers made me into a joke.

Thin Privilege is when you’re asked on a date, and you don’t need to question motives. 

Thin Privilege is never having to be a punchline.

When I was in the 7th grade, the most popular boy in school asked me out on a date. I laughed at him and said that I’m not that stupid, because I assumed it was a joke. And then he looked sad and his best friend laughed at him. Looking back on it, I was cute enough and I know that he liked that I was smart. I was just so used to being picked on as fat that the idea of that boy asking me out was ludicrous.

I’ll never know if he was serious. Sorry Stan.

Had the same thing happen to me in 6th grade. This guy came over to me during lunch and said “You know, that girl over there thinks you’re cute” - and she was a super popular girl. This was pretty much my reaction: 


I assumed it was bullshit. In retrospect, she actually dropped several hints and was totally serious. 

All of this, the result of the previous year, some girls prank calling me pretending to be another girl they knew didn’t like me, to say that “she” liked me and maybe we could hang out. So, when I asked her about it, of course she was baffled, annoyed, and the other girls laughed their asses off and I spent the day scarlet with humiliation. 

It is amazing and frightening how when we’re collectively at our most vulnerable and impressionable places in our lives, we’re often the most careless and cruel with others. 

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