This is Thin Privilege

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{tw: disorder eating, fat hate}
 Thin privilege is not having people assume you know nothing about nutrition. 
                One night, my family had gotten different ice cream desserts as a treat.  I happened to choose a pint of one of my favorite brands of ice cream and ate the entire pint in one sitting.  After I had eaten it, my aunt took it upon herself to read the nutrition facts on the back of the label, as if I had never read the label before, and had no idea what I had just eaten.  I knew perfectly well how many servings were in the container and had actually overestimated slightly the number of calories per serving.   She then gave me the typical “I am concerned for your health, and you are going to die young” lecture.  I had previously discussed my issues about eating in public and skipping meals with her, but she still felt the need to food shame me anyways.

Thin privilege is not being lectured about portion control, when you haven’t eaten all day.

Thin privilege is having your diseases and their effects on your body acknowledged                                        I have hypothyroidism and PCOS, both of which contribute to weight gain, especially as neither one is being treated right now.  However, according to my aunt, “women in our family are just hairy” and my weight is due entirely to the way I eat, which I need to take responsibility for and change.  And the hypothyroidism and PCOS are just an “excuse.”

This privilege is being able to ask your professor for a T-shirt in your size.
                The first day of class this semester, one of my professors, brought free T-shirts for the class that advertised the Africana studies department at my university.   The professor only brought small, medium and large T-shirts.  She made it clear that if she didn’t bring our size, let her know, and she would bring a T-shirt for you the next class.  I was too embarrassed to ask, and was fairly confident that the T-shirts probably wouldn’t have my size anyways, usually T-shirts like that are only ordered up to either XL or XXL  and can a little too snug for me based on the cut and material.  I know I should have asked if she had my size, and I regret not asking, but I just couldn’t bring myself to.

Sorry for the randomness, but I’m new to movement, and had a lot to vent about. 


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