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What is the difference between 'concern trolling' and plain 'concern'?

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Did people ask you to be concerned? Non-consentual concern that not only objectifies but also attempts to assume things about a person or group of people. It has absolutely nothing to do with the intended target and everything to do with the person attempting to derail conversations to give their “opinion” on a matter that doesn’t involve them (aka another person’s body, health, everything).



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  7. verbosetherapy said: I always think of concern trolling as someone trying to “be concerned” about something that does not require concern at all and make you think or feel like something that is totally normal and fine is actually an issue.
  8. pizza-and-cupcakes said: (cont:2/2 )e.g if it hadn’t been for the unasked concern of friends I would still have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder. however if someone says something that makes you feel shitty based on a crap assumption then thats concern trolling.