This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is having dogs play with you.

I consider myself a fairly active person (tennis three times a week, walking around town daily, etc.) and I eat pretty healthy (fast food or eating out only once a month now). So I’m pretty healthy, but I’m also plus size.

I went with my friend to her cousin’s BBQ this week and was so excited to find out he has two border collies. I am a total dog person.

We get into the back yard and I introduce myself to everyone including the dogs. After we eat, we sit down to relax and the cousin starts to play fetch with the dogs. After a while he gets tired but the dogs still want to play. I offer to throw the tennis balls around with them, but the cousins stops me.

"Oh, they won’t play with fat people!"


“They don’t play with fat people. Fat people don’t run around fast enough to keep up, and they stop playing because they get tired, so the dogs don’t bother.”

I was completely insulted by the insinuation that being fat meant you couldn’t run around and enjoy physical activity, but I decided to ignore him and grabbed two tennis balls anyway. I threw them across the yard—and get this! The dogs didn’t chase them. They just sat there and stared at me even though a minute before they were begging for the balls to be thrown!

Thin privilege is not being discriminated against and assumed incapable of physical activity by both dogs AND owner.


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