This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is having a normal restaurant experience.

The other day I went out to a local highly rated restaurant with some friends. This restaurant is known for, essentially, an American (or Italian I guess) omakase. That is where you let the chef choose what he serves you. It typically is still off the menu, but the chef will choose whatever ingredients are the best quality on that specific day and will be at a discounted price. This is usually a win for everyone: the customer gets a higher quality, cheaper meal,  and the restaurant has an easier time making sure they don’t over order food.

So, my friends, who were all thin, and I all ordered that. I was excited to see what the chef decided to make for us… until the waitress brought it out. For the first course, one friend got a delicious looking wedge salad. One got a baked potato and cream soup. One got a bisque. What did I get? Lettuce, carrots, and vinegar. Nothing else. I felt like I was being discriminated against for my size (“Hey, she’s fat! She must eat too much! Let’s give her lettuce and vinegar! Those are low on calories even though you don’t just permanently weight by eating fewer calories.”) but I decided that, considering it was only the first course, I should just wait it out and see what else he was serving us.

The second course was a pasta course. One friend got ravioli. One friend got gnocchi. I got spgahetti squash. Don’t get me wrong, I like vegetables and eat a lot of them, but everyone prefers pasta over vegetables, and I was denied pasta out of the chef’s ignorance.

The third course was the entree. Someone got a raisin pizza. Someone got chicken parm. Someone got meatballs and bread. I got baked salmon.

I was seething at this point, but I’m not confrontational, so I didn’t complain to the waitress. It’s just not fair I was given bad tasting food for no other reason than my weight. My friend gave me half of her pizza which convinced me to stay for the final two courses, but I was not happy.

The next course was the only decent one. The waitress brought out a plate of smoked meats, cheeses, and bread. I say this was the only decent one because everyone got the same thing.

Our final course, the dessert course, was the worst by far. Everyone else got pastries, cake, or gelato. I got fruit. Because the fat girl must already eat enough cake? Right? So we better give her fruit?

Needless to say, the waitress did not get tipped and I am not ever going back to that restaurant.

Thin privilege is being allowed to eat the food you want. 

Thin privilege is not having people assume you must eat too much or unhealthy food just because you’re fat.

Thin privilege is being allowed to have a normal restaurant experience.


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