This is Thin Privilege

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When I woke up today, my mom called me to her room and informed me that the Fall semester won’t begin until the last week of August. I already knew this, so I was confused as to what her point was. She said I have to make sure my pants (size 16) still fit by then. I asked her if that’s her only concern, and she said yes. I told her to go fuck herself. I don’t tolerate anyone trying to shame me into eating less or dieting to make sure I stay the same size so that my mom won’t have to buy me another pair of jeans from Avenue.

This Fall will be my sophomore year at a community college. What is going to be most stressful about this semester is that I really need to improve my GPA by the time transfer deadlines come, otherwise no universities will accept me. I’ve failed all three dev. math courses (the rest of my classes college-level). Those D’s and F’s are bringing my GPA down. My mom knows all this as she is heavily involved with my education; she pays my tuition, and I have her review my class schedule. Point is, there’s so much I have to focus on with my academic performance that my pant size is the least of my worries.


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