This is Thin Privilege

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If you think that ANY group of people deserves to be systematically discriminated against, that any group of people deserves to be treated as less-than other people, and therefor that some group deserves to be treated as better than the first group, you are simply evil. It does not matter if either group can change the characteristic in question. No person can deserve to be treated as less than a person, period. Privilege is unearned because it is not possible to earn the right to be treated as human. All people deserve to be treated that way. There should be no discrepancies there. A subset of people cannot deserve to be the only ones treated as fully human. Privilege derives from the Latin for private law. Being treated as fully human should never be private law, it should be the law for everyone.

That’s what it means for privilege to be unearned. You can’t deserve to be the only ones treated as people. You can’t earn that.

JFC, people, how is this so difficult?



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