This is Thin Privilege

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tw: emotional eating

Thin privilege is not being surprised to see characters of your own size on tv (outside of weight-loss programs). Thin privilege is not being utterly astonished to see the show treating a character of your size like a normal, desirable woman.

For years, I’ve put off watching The Vicar of Dibley (because of religious content). But it stars Dawn French, so I decided to watch it.

The show is not perfect and portrays French’s character, the vicar Geraldine, as an emotional eater who scarfs insane amounts of chocolate when she’s upset (sometimes over 500 bars).

However, the chocolate issue aside, while the show makes it plain that Geraldine enjoys her food, she is not shown eating more than her thin counterparts. All the comments the show gives on her size are positive ones, and she is clearly shown as desirable to some of the men of the village. She goes on dates, dresses up (and looks amazing!) and even gets married on the show (to a man of average size, which is also a non-issue on the show). Her weight/size doesn’t affect how people treat her or how good she is perceived to be at her job.

Dawn French is a fat woman, and stars in a show that, on the whole, treats her well. I shouldn’t be as surprised as I am to see that happening.


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    Is it sad that she was a really big influence on me as a little girl? I really wanted to be a vicar up until I realized...
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    I think what makes the emotional eating thing a bit different is… she is never chastised for it, and she doesn’t regret...
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