This is Thin Privilege

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thin privilege is not being abused at dinner, verbally and physically

Sorry for submitting more than once but I have a second story to share, and I love you guys so much!

A few weeks ago, I saw my aunt, who I hadn’t seen since I was very young, at a restaurant. I’d always loved her, so I said hi to her and she came over. When I told her who I was because she didn’t recognize me, expecting a tearful reunion, she told me she didn’t associate with ‘fat fucks like me’. She then pushed my plate of chicken parm into my face, dumped a glass of wine over my head, and slapped me.

While this was going on, the manager came over and demanded to know what happened. My aunt told them that I had insulted her dress and they kicked me out.

Thin privilege is not being abused by long-lost relatives at a restaurant, relatives who you used to love.


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