This is Thin Privilege

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Why do you think people are so hellbent on denying thin privilege?

I don’t get it. Why are people so hellbent on denying that thin privilege even exists? People just don’t understand how awesome it is to be thin. I benefitted from thin privilege as a small child (up until I was about 8) and you know what? I feel really sorry for all the kids that DON’T later understand what they have after losing it.

You know what? I’m GLAD I’m big. I’m GLAD I look the way I am. I’m PROUD of my body. But these assholes need to understand that I DO get treated differently because of my size. It’s humiliating when I can’t fit in a booth because I’m too big. Or when I can’t go to a sports game because I can’t fit in the seat. And you know what? That’s not my fucking fault.

I mean, would it really be so much work to replace a few of the seats with wider ones? Would it really be such a luxury to NOT charge me more to be on an airplane just because I am larger than average? It’s not my fault! How is it a huge inconvenience to thin people if ONE person has to wait for the next plane? I mean, HEAVEN FORBID they have to book another flight!

When I was 8, I came down with a severe virus. It destroyed my thyroid. Ever since it’s been much harder to control my weight. I can’t go on synthroid because it gives me headaches and nausea, which is also not my fault. My bloodwork otherwise is all normal. I am healthy, goddamn it, and I’ve had to go to so many different doctors because they just assume I’m a fat fucking slob. How is it any of their business what I choose to eat anyway if I’m healthy?!

I’m just so frustrated. I wish more people understood.

Thin privilege is not understanding what it’s like to have privilege, then lose it, and instead assume that all the fat people in the world are out to get you.

Mod response:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, probably many times. People with privilege are invested in denying the existence of their privilege because if they understood what it was and admitted they had it, they would be morally and ethically obligated to do something to end it, and at a very basic, subconscious level, they don’t want to lose their advantage, and they don’t want to put the work in.



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    look it’s great to be body positive and all and i’m sorry about your thyroid, but some people could afford to lose some...
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  7. kittykillall said: Privilege works best when it remains invisible. They don’t want to lose it. They don’t want to do anything about it. So they flip out and deny it.