This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is not having your mother try to sexualise you at the age of 11 in an attempt to get you to lose weight.

My mother regularly bought me adult lingerie (corsets, g strings, lace everything) that was two sizes too small for me. Every time she presented them to me she would say that if I lose weight I can wear them and boys will like me, and excitedly talk about how hot I am gonna look when I lose weight and how much easier and fun life will be for me. Then she would hang them in the front of my wardrobe where I would have to see them every time I opened the door and be reminded that she thinks I am not good enough, don’t deserve fun or boys, and that I can’t be a kid anymore! I’d forgotten about this until something I read triggered the memory, and I am sitting here thinking “What the actual f#*k?”. My mother played a massive role in my body image issues and I have only just begun to realise this, mainly because of this blog and a few new friends who are fat and love themselves. 


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