This is Thin Privilege

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thin privilege is being able to drive somewhere without being “lazy”

Earlier this week I asked my mom if she could drive me to my friend’s house, which is 5 miles away. Now I don’t normally mind walking, I do it a lot since my parents both work late and I can’t drive yet. But my mom has started staying home on Mondays so I figured she could drive me so I wouldn’t have to walk. Maryland has terrible humid summers and I have exercise induced asthma, which is also triggered by humidity and general heat. I spend most of the summer in the air conditioning because it is legitimately difficult for me to breathe in this weather. Knowing all this, my mom told me a should walk because “it would be good for you” that is to say she thinks I’m unhealthy because I’m fat, which is my. fucking. business. NOT hers.


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