This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is woodwind instruments

This is a double standard I’ve seen as a thin person. If someone is big, they should automatically play a big instrument, and if they’re thin, they should always play the flute or clarinet or oboe. In a perfect world, it’s just as okay for me to play a trombone as it is for anyone larger then myself to play flute. But no, they don’t mind me sliding away but still ridicule the fat girl for playing flute. It’s so unfair and I while recognize my privilege, I still feel for those who are discriminated against. 


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    A lot of girls play the trombone in my highschool. A lot of girls play the flute. It’s just a preference. I wanted to...
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    yeah i mean i’ve been in the public school system all my life and have been apart of music programs since the fourth...
  3. owlymaybe said: I was at a flute lesson at a community school and some woman said to her young daughter, “see? Pretty girls play pretty instruments.” I just looked at her and said “I’m a trombone major and I’m pretty mean on the tuba.” She turned red.