This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is arguing about the right to be prejudice towards fat people cause “you care”.

I was having a debate with a woman about a video on YouTube asking is being anti-fat an okay prejudice. I kindly tried to give her examples as into why body size is not a representation of a person’s health status. She got mad and went on about how her cousin is obese (which I don’t buy) and some of her friends and how she’s scared for their health and wants them to be healthy. I know she has a variety of friends because if she was this big health guru wouldn’t she feel the same for her non-fat friends as well? No way a person like that who hates fat bodies have only fat friends.If she monitors her friends and cousin 24/7 I’m sure that means when they go out to eat she must monitor their food as well. I’m assuming she wants me to believe that she buys salads all the time while they stuff themselves, that’s impression she is trying to give but I know that’s not true. Most people who play online health professionals about fat people don’t even follow their own rules in real life. They just want to make sure their fat hatred privlege stays put. I see smaller individuals bullying larger people all the time, but at the time while at the same time name the fastfood places they love to visit and snack on. It’s mental abuse towards people of size, prejudice is mental abuse towards any marginalized group.

And it’s indeed prejudice for her to assume “Well, you must be fat if you defend fat people”, who cares! And yes I am fat but she acted as if defending fat people is such blasphemy that the only person who’d even attempt to do has to be a person who is fat themselves. I can’t believe she wanted me to buy that false concern stuff so she can glamorize her fat hatred. 

So sick of the fat bullying it makes me angry and frustrated.