This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is when people promote countries as idealized Utopias of freedom and equality, while ignoring that those same countries are very discriminatory and mistreat groups of people, including fat people.

Example: The article that talks about New Zealand being #1 in human freedom, while ignoring that NZ is very fat-hating.  I guess people forget that ‘human’ doesn’t just mean the thin (or wealthy, or white, or attractive, or able-bodied, or hetero, etc…).


  1. madgastronomer said: @ainteasy I believe you’re thinking of Australia. White kiwis and Maori seem to do quite well together, and Maori culture is seen as part of the national culture and vice versa, as I understand it. These days, anyway.
  2. fangirlspiral0913 said: (I could be wrong but I think I remember) NZ being pretty racist towards its indigenous populations as well.