This is Thin Privilege

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When I lived in Seattle, I went to the Fluevog shoe store to buy some boots.  It was during a sale, so the place was pretty busy.  I sat there for almost an hour waiting for a salesperson, while they waited on every other person in the store, and never even looked at me.  I only eventually got service because I got right in a sales girl’s face and told her, “You know, I am a customer and I came here to buy shoes too.”  She looked at me, shocked, as if she couldn’t believe I was capable of human speech.  The only difference between me and the people who were getting waited on was that I was (and still am) fat.  Fat people are invisible to sales people, especially in high-end stores.  Even if the product they sell is in no way related to my body size.

Thin privilege is getting treated like a valued customer in a shoe store, where your body size should never even be an issue.


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